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Please note:   If you have ever held a BMW CCA Club Racing license before, but aren't able to login to the club racing website for any reason, STOP NOW and DO NOT fill out this form.  Please send an email to Webmaster with your full name, email address and BMW CCA Club Racing license number and you will receive your username and password to the system.

If you have NEVER held a BMW CCA Club Racing license before, you may continue this process to apply for a NEW BMW CCA Club Racing license.

Applying for a NEW BMW CCA Club Racing license is a multi-step process. To apply for a license, you will need
to complete ALL OF the following steps:

1) Create a UserName and Password (write them down for future use)
2) Enter your Personal information
3) Enter your Medical information
4) Enter your Driving Experience and credentials
5) PRINT OUT and MAIL all of the necessary forms
6) It takes 3-4 weeks after we receive ALL the necessary forms and payment, to be accepted as a racer.

Please note: You should be prepared to complete this licensing process all in one sitting (it should take less than 20 minutes).   If you decide to put the form aside, you may complete the process in the future by logging in with your username and password, then completing the license application process.

The Physical form must be completed and signed by physician no more than 90 days prior to application for a club racing licenses. Physicals older than 90 days will not be accepted.

Below are some forms which you should read before applying to be a Club Racer
Licensing Policy
Licensing Fees
Physical Form
Pregnancy Waiver


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