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Licensing and Forms
Tech information

2015 Rules (.pdf)
(Updated Feb 19, 2015)

(Updated March12, 2014)

For a table of BMWs and their eligibility in BMW CCA Club Racing, click on the 2008 Rules link above and look at Appendix D: Vehicle Classification and Specifications.
Apply for a Club Racing License on-line

License Renewal Application - Please log in, then use the 'Racer Renewal Application' menu.

Licensing Policy (PDF)

Medical Forms (PDF)

Licensing and Miscellaneous Fees

Pregnancy Policy and Waiver (PDF)

Short Medical Form to submit with entries (PDF)

Interested in becoming a club racer?  Click here for information on the Club Racing School program.
  Protests/ Penalties/Appeals
   (Updated October 10, 2015)


How to order an AMB transponder

Logbook Information

Annual Tech form (PDF)

Event Tech form (PDF)

Shops that perform the Annual Tech Inspection

Annual Inspection Guidelines

M3T Declaration
(Updated March 5, 2012)

 Points Standings  Club Racing Archives  Club Racing Driver Awards
2010 - 2015 Point Standings

2008-2009 Point Standings 

2007 National Points
2007 Regional Points
 (Updated Dec 15, 2007)

2007 Champions List 
(Updated 4 Feb, 2008)

2006 Champions List 
(Updated 30 April, 2007)

Final 2006 Points Standings
(Final Points Standings as of December 31, 2006, includes all 2006 events)
Club Racing Archives

Club Racing Driver Awards

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